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A Perfect Match - JEBS Chokes partner with Small Town Hunting TV

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(Hazlehurst, GA) JEBS Choke Tubes, manufacturer of the world's most trusted choke tubes, is proud to announce their brand new partnership with Small Town Hunting TV. 

About Small Town Hunting TV

Small Town Hunting is a television show that follows hosts Cody Kelley, Kevin Meacham, Chris Ashley and Keith Burgess who bring an authentic and honest approach to documenting the culture of small town hunting all across the United States.

Host of Small Town Hunting TV, Keith Burgess tells us, " Over the years, we have had the opportunity to try a lot of choke tubes for turkey and wing shooting, but the hunt for a choke tube was over when I shot a JEBS for the first time! Whether patterning in the spring for turkeys, shooting doves in September, or waterfowl hunting in December, JEBS has all seasons covered. Hands down, JEBS has the best choke tubes on the market for whatever feathered creature you hunt and we're excited to partner with them!"

Host of Small Town Hunting TV, Cody Kelley tell us, " At Small Town Hunting, we strive to partner and represent companies that we truly believe in, so our viewers can trust us to spend their hard earned dollar on the products that we promote inside STH. After talking to JEBS and shooting their choke tubes for several seasons, we knew that this was a company that shared the same passion and morals that we do at Small Town Hunting. It was obvious from the beginning that JEBS and Small Town Hunting were the perfect fit for a long term partnership with the consumer and viewers at the fore front of this partnership. We always say, “There’s a little Small Town in All of Us”, and we are extremely excited to be partnering with a company that is run by Small Town Hunters just like us. "  

JEBS Choke Tubes

Headquartered in Hazlehurst, Georgia with a population of just under 5,000, the family at JEBS Choke Tubes share the same values and principles of the Small Town Hunting Team. 

And we agree, " that no matter where you live, there is a little small town in all of us."

Small Town Hunting airs each week on Sportsman's Channel on Sunday nights at 6PM Eastern. For more information on show-times and products, please visit | | and ||