"Hands down the best choke tube I have bought...I have the headhunter. 650 on my 835 and I couldn’t be more pleased!! Spend the extra money on a JEBS that will last a lifetime…I promise you will be satisfied." – Martin Havens
"Amazing chokes, awesome customer service, just good people.... Made my Beretta A400 Xtreme go from an average turkey gun to the ultimate turkey shotgun. WOW! What a pattern! A JEBS choke is what you will find in my turkey and duck hunting shotgun." – Nancy Jo Adams
"There are no better chokes on the market today! JEBS are the absolute best, quality made, and I will shoot one year after year!" – Hunter Reilley
"Bought my first JEBS turkey choke this year. By far the best choke tube I’ve ever shot. There is no flop after you hit em’. JEBS all the way!" – Seth French
"I can't say enough good things about JEBS Chokes. Their chokes are some of the best tubes I've ever used and their customer service is leaps and bounds better than any other company I've dealt with before." – Dustin McCarty
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"I've shot a number of brands of chokes over the years competing in Sporting and NSSA competitions as well as turkey and duck hunting. Many different brands have performed well but it wasn't until I started shooting JEBS chokes that I truly saw how much I had been missing!" - James Powell
"I have been using the JEBS Choke Tube system for a few years now and have never looked back.I have also shot many competitors products and never found the same results. When I shoot geese or ducks, I know the end result is excellent patterns and less crippled birds. Thank you for the amazing product." – Peter Heathfield
"If you want your shotgun to perform at its very best this is the choke to have. The customer service is top notch and that just makes it even better. I have never shot another choke that has outperformed my JEBS!" – Blake Richardson
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