JEBS Waterfowl Choke Tube - 12 Gauge

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  1. Tight patterns!

    Posted by Dennis Sampson on 24th Sep 2022

    Absolutely best choke I have used. Using a .685 in my Remington 870 Wingmaster in 2 ¾". Gives great patterns with Boss 3/5 blend. Hits ducks hard and knocked them dead.

  2. .690

    Posted by Dutch on 13th Sep 2022

    Best chokes on the market hands down! I roll with the 690 on my maxus 2 and my mossberg pump. I use anything from BBs 1s 2s and 3s during the season.

  3. If ya ain't got one get one

    Posted by RM on 11th Sep 2022

    Bought the .690 and have been shooting BB's through it for geese. Let me tell ya I'm happy with my purchase. When I first order this choke I ordered the wrong one. I called them and they exchanged it for the correct one no problems. Definitely will do business with them again.

  4. Thank you, Jeb

    Posted by NateDogg on 9th Sep 2022

    High quality product. If you hunt late season waterfowl, it could make the difference between a full bag and maybe a bird or two. Also, you don’t get very many gliders. The bird goes down. If you are a SPRAY AND PRAY individual, then this product is not for you. You need to be fairly precise. But once you figure it out, your confidence will grow. Probably the best piece of equipment I’ve purchased over the last 3 seasons for waterfowl hunting.

  5. 695

    Posted by N/A on 30th Aug 2022

    كم انت رائع يا جيبز

  6. Jebs .685

    Posted by Richie B on 23rd Aug 2022

    Bought the .690. Loved how that patterned, had to get the .685 for those long shots. You should see the pattern board with Boss #5 three inch at 30 yards. It’s unreal!!

  7. Impressed!

    Posted by Ryan on 20th Aug 2022

    I bought a .690 and it patterned 2s and 1s a solid 85% in 30” at 40 yards. Nice and even throughout as well. I’ve had tubes that shot tight before, but nothing close to this even. I was so impressed I got a .695 for my other gun to shoot BB and BBB. Just patterned that today, and again had dense even patterns of 90% in 30” at 40 yards. I’ve been patterning different chokes and loads for over 20 years and this tube takes the cake. Pretty sure if they had better marketing they would drive Patternmaster and Carlsons right out of business!

  8. Awesome

    Posted by N/A on 8th Aug 2022

    They've never let me down. These are great tubes.

  9. Absolute Best!!!

    Posted by Brian on 19th Jul 2022

    I own multiple JEBS tubes for every shotgun I own. No matter the game...Ducks,Turkeys,Dove or Quail the patterns are consistent and GREAT.

  10. .695 High Voltage

    Posted by N/A on 13th Jun 2022

    Perfect all around choke for breaking clays during the week and pillow casing ducks and geese on the weekend.

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JEBS Waterfowl & Upland Chokes - Pursuit Channel Commercial 00:31

Your new favorite hunting partner has arrived. JEBS revolutionary choke tubes have absolutely changed the way waterfowl & upland hunters view their shotguns. Visit to get the tubes that work best in the fields and on the water. Trust us, you will be glad you did!

  • JEBS Waterfowl...
    Your new favorite hunting partner has arrived. JEBS revolution...

JEBS Waterfowl Choke Tube - 12 Gauge

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Product Description

JEBS High-Voltage Choke Tubes are designed to easily and effectively handle steelleadbismuth or any other shot you wish to shoot. The patented design gives the shooter a more consistent shot pattern, a more distinctive & shortened shot-stream, and incredible knock-down power for those much needed "longer shots." Choke Tubes are offered in Ported as well as Non-Ported models.

Choke Tube Restriction Comparisons:

  • .685 | Extreme - Long Range |  -  (For #2 Shot and Smaller)
  • .690 | Long - Mid-Range |     -  (Long Range equivalent with bigger shot sizes and closer to a Mid-Range with smaller shot sizes)           
  • .695 | Mid-Range |   -   (Mid range tube, but shoots larger shot like BB's & BBB similar to a long range choke)
  •   CR  | Close Range and Timber  | - ( Ideal for Flooded Timber and shots 25 yards and in )


U.S. Patent # 8458945